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Club History

Victoria Country Club has a remarkable history that makes it one of the most fascinating clubs in South Texas.  From its humble beginnings fin 1924,  through fires, gambilng raids, classic golf tournaments, and even a plane crash!  The Victoria Country Club's interesting past in only outdone by its current beauty.

The club was chartered on May 28, 1924 after hte purchase of land by E.L. Grunder with 56 original members.  A nine-hole golf course was built and play began that year.  The club held monthly tournament for men and women with the principal tournament being the annual President's Cup.  The winner received a silver trophy donated by Frank S. Buhler when he was president.

The original clubhouse of the Victoria Country Club was an old tool shed that was used until 1928 when the first real clubhouse was built. That building stood until it caught fire in 1935, and a new one was built around the old stone fireplace.  Our current clubhouse was built in 1952 after the second clubhouse caught fire and burned to the ground.

Stranger events in the Club's history include a plane that crashed on the fourth hole.  As one member remembered, he and a friend were about to tee off on the third hole when a plane circled too low.  The pilot waved at them and then dove in to the ground.  The pilot and passenger were tragically killed in the accident.

Another interesting part of the club's history was its Gaming Night.  During the late 50s and 60s, slot machines were set up in the bar and stored under the kitchen as a way of raising money.  These machines were a huge success until the Texas Rangers got wind of them and raided the club, confiscating all of the gaming devices.  Bingo nights that were held monthly at hte club were also stopped after the raid.

Victoria Country Club has continued to progress through the years.  We are poud of our colorful heritage and are determined to continue the legacy of a beautiful venue, friendly staff and some of the best food in Victoria.